Members of the Regional Board of School Trustees are elected at the regular election specified in the general election law in each odd-numbered year to serve for a term of six years. Members of school boards, school board employees or those holding a county office are ineligible to serve. Meetings are held at the Regional Office of Education, 6:00 pm, on the first Wednesday of July, October, January and April. Duties include:

  • Creating new school districts
  • Changing boundaries of existing districts by detachment, annexation, division, dissolution or consolidation (Procedure for Detachment/Annexation)
  • When school sites, buildings or other real estate are no longer needed for school purposes, directing the sale transfer or conveying of property

Questions or comments for the Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Regional Board of School Trustees should be directed to the Regional Office of Education at 815.625.1495.