I wanted to let you know our KSB CareAnyWhere Telehealth team and Providers have launched Online COVID Screening and Assessment for everyone in the communities we serve. These are based on CDC guidelines and we will be constantly updating the platform based on updates and changes per CDC. Please see the attached PDF for details on how the platform works and how the patients benefit.

How do you/patient access the site:

  1. Go to https://ksbhospital.zipnosis.com OR
  2. Go to https://www.ksbhospital.com

How will this benefit the patients:

  1. Patients can remain at home and have access to CDC guideline based care at their home/work.

  1. ANY patient can go to the KSB Hospital website www.ksbhospital.com  and click on Virtual Care.
    1. They will get a FREE CDC based COVID screening.
    2. It will put them in 4 risk categories
  1.    Asymptomatic, low risk: Patients get education and when to come back for re-screening
  2.   Asymptomatic, High risk: Patients get education and when to come back for re-screening

                                             iii.  Asymptomatic contact: Patient will be referred to Lee and Ogle County health departments and education

  1.  Symptomatic patients: Will be either:
        1. Treated for non-COVID diagnosis (e.g. flu, sinusitis, URI, etc.) OR
        2. Identified as Low risk and sent in for COVID testing
        3. Identified as High risk who will be sent in to ED and get further care.

Please feel free to provide @Khan, Aaqil A and @Andrew, Carson with feedback on how things are going.

Thank you

Pratip Nag