PD Opportunities

Fall Workshops


FY 21 SIP Coop Members (as of 11-18-20):
Amboy, AFC, Byron, Creston, Dixon, East Coloma-Nelson, Erie, Eswood, Kings, Montmorency, Morrison, Paw Paw, Polo, PLT, River Bend, Rock Falls Elementary, Rock Falls High School, Sterling

Forrestville Valley, Meridian, Oregon, Steward, LCSEA, OCEC, Bi-County, WACC
If you cannot attend, a cancellation notice should be  given  to the ROE at least  three  days before the  workshop.  Refunds will not be given without a cancellation notice. All workshop monies (if required), including Graduate Credit fees, are due on or before the workshop session. Unless cancellation is received three (3) working days prior to the workshop session, participants are obligated to pay the workshop fee. Workshops are generally contingent on minimum enrollments. All fees will be refunded if a workshop is cancelled. Early registration is encouraged!

Bus Driver Trainings

Initial and refresher courses are offered at a number of locations throughout the calendar year.

(Bus Driver Training Schedules will be posted a month at a time)

View the July 2020 Bus Driver Training Schedule here

View the August 2020 Bus Driver Training Schedule here

View the September 2020 Bus Driver Training Schedule here

View the October 2020 Bus Driver Training Schedule here

To register for a bus driver training, call Jayme Hale at 815-625-1495, ext. 134 or email jhale@roe47.org with the following:

  • Class Date
  • Name of Driver
  • Driver's License #
  • Billing name/address (district/bus company)

Other Professional Development Resources



CE Credits Online

Regional Office of Education #47 has teamed up with CE Credits Online to provide accredited online classes. The Regional Office of Education and CE Credits Online courses have agreed to have open-ended registration. That means the classes can start and finish at any time. Online courses allow participants to complete assignments anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend, at the convenience of the registrant. All courses are 15 weeks in length from date of registration. Upon successful completion, continuing Professional Development Hours will be awarded, unless graduate credit is applied for from either Humboldt University or Aurora University for an additional fee. (Please be advised to clarify with employing district prior to enrollment regarding acceptance of out-of-state university graduate credit.)

For information, contact CE Credits Online at 888.263.9980. Visit CE Credits Online for registration, course numbers, descriptions, costs and number of Professional Development Hours for completion of each.

For questions, contact bclementz@roe47.org