Regional Office of Education #47

Lee, Ogle & Whiteside Counties, Illinois
1001 West 23rd Street, Sterling, IL 61081
Phone: 815.625.1495 | Fax: 815.625.1625
Robert D. Sondgeroth, Regional Superintendent
Janet Kacvinsky, Assistant Regional Superintendent

Members of the Regional Board of School Trustees are elected at the regular election specified in the general election law in each odd-numbered year to serve for a term of six years. Members of school boards, school board employees or those holding a county office are ineligible to serve. Meetings are held at the Regional Office of Education, 6:00 pm, on the first Wednesday of July, October, January and April.

Duties include:

  • Creating new school districts
  • Changing boundaries of existing districts by detachment, annexation, division, dissolution or consolidation
    Procedure for Detachment/Annexation
  • When school sites, buildings or other real estate are no longer needed for school purposes, directing the sale transfer or conveying of property

Questions or comments for the Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Regional Board of School Trustees should be directed to the Regional Office of Education at 815.625.1495.